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Rich Smith

"Learn About Money, Working for Yourself, & Financial Independence."
Rich Smith
Teacher & Entrepreneur

Talking about money can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Growing up in my family of seven, times were tough.  No one talked about money because there wasn’t much to go around.  

I learned that educating yourself was the key to success.

  • Want to become a millionaire?
    Learn how compound interest can help grow your wealth long-term.
  • Want to own a rental property?
    Learn how government grants can help with thousands towards a home purchase.
  • Want to become a self-employed entrepreneur?
    Learn how leveraging blogsYouTube, and podcasts can help scale your business.

It’s possible to grow your wealth significantly by learning how money works.

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As always, I’m Rich and until next time.

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