Everything You Need to Know About How to Fill Out a Chase Business Credit Card Application | Southwest Companion Pass HELP

how to fill out a chase business credit card

Here’s a breakdown on how to fill out a Chase Business Credit Card application, including Southwest Companion Pass help. Enjoy!

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How to Fill Out a Chase Business Credit Card Application Southwest Companion Pass HELP | Video Transcript:

Did you know that most people qualify for small business credit cards, even if they think they don’t have a real small business, I’m going to go into all the details, not only on how you qualify, but also step-by-step how to apply for a business credit card. I think this is really going to help my viewers who are coming here after watching my Southwest companion pass video. So without further ado let’s get started. So you heard right, many people have some sort of small side hustle, whether it is selling vegetables that they grow in their garden on the side of the road or at a farmer’s market, maybe you walk the neighbor’s dog, cut some grass, resell things on Facebook marketplace or eBay, the list of gigs, side, hustles, or jobs that would qualify you for a small business credit card is longer than I can even go over here.

So I want to prepare you for what it would be like for you to actually apply for this card, using your name and your social security number. And for those of you who are watching that have a legitimate business, one that you filed with the state and you have an EIN number, this information still applies to you too. However, you’re going to use your business name and your EIN number. Oh, and one more thing, if you haven’t already dropped the, like, please hit that little like button and give me a thumbs up. I’m going to go over some somewhat, you know, like dry, boring information, but I think it’s going to be really valuable. So I’d appreciate the thumbs up. Thanks. Okay. Let’s dive into the application page. I mentioned before that I did a video last week on how you can earn the Southwest companion pass.

It’s a travel perk where you can fly for free with you and a partner using points miles up to 24 months worth of free flight. So it’s an incredible per please go check out that video. After watching this one, I’ll leave a link down below in the description, but when you click the links from that video, it’s going to take you to a page that looks like this, and you can choose any of Southwest rapid rewards credit cards. Now specifically, we’re going to focus on the business credit card because two reasons, number one, business credit cards, when you pay them off in full and on time, and you stay in good standing with the bank, they actually don’t show up on your personal credit report. Now, however, when you apply, they will still do a hard credit poll, like a hard inquiry. So you’re going to see that show up on your personal report, but the line of credit does not.

And that could be valuable for a number of reasons where you’re kind of separating the personal and the business. But for the sake of this video, what we’re going to do is we are going to click on the performance business credit card. And that is going to be because it has the largest sign-up bonus right now that’s at 80,000 bonus points. If you’re watching this in the future, it can fluctuate as low as 30 or 40 sometimes, maybe 60 and the occasional 100,000. So you just got to kind of catch it at the right time of year. Now, almost all of these cards now, not all business cards, but almost all of these cards are going to have some sort of annual fee. So you just have to weigh the pros and the cons to see if the perks that you’re getting, the benefits that you’re getting outweigh.

That annual fee. In my opinion, this car does 10 times over. It’s one that we keep year round. It’s not one that we just like get in cancel. So let’s go ahead and click here to apply. And you’re going to notice that these business credit card applications, they change every once in a while. I did a video like this over a year ago. And the application itself has kind of been reorganized. Yes, it’s a lot of the same information, but I think it’s going to be helpful to have somebody walk you through it. Okay. Up first, the number one challenge that people have is their business name. Mike, your business information. People think like I don’t have a business. Well, you are a business. You are specifically a sole proprietor. When you earn money, non W2 money using your social security number. Think of like gig work Uber driving independent contractors.

You’ve heard that phrase before. So what we’re going to put down for the legal business name is actually just your first and last name. And I do want you to put that on the card as well. I know some of you are going to have questions while it’s called, like, you know, Brad’s dog-walking can I put bread’s dog-walking the, the answer is maybe you can sometimes, but again, let’s not, let’s not get into that. If you are just a sole proprietor, you don’t, you haven’t filed with your state to have this business and this EIN number. Just put your name in both spots. It’s gonna, it’s gonna look cleaner and match better that way. Go ahead and check. No here for, if you are doing business as another name again, you would know if you are going to be doing business as another name, that’s something you would have already taken care of.

Then we move on to the business mailing address. And I’m thinking of some of my folks out in California, that sometimes they have issues with like mailboxes or everybody has like a PO box. And unfortunately chase the bank is American express, whoever you’re going through, they want your actual like home mailing address. So what I want you to put here is the home mailing address. And if you’re concerned like the card’s going to get stolen out of the mailbox, or, you know, it’s not going to get to where it’s going after you submit this application, you can call up and put on a secondary mailing address and you can just let them know, Hey, you know, I don’t have a secure mailbox, send it here, but for the sake of this application, let’s put your home address here. Of course, that is going to include, you know, city, state, and zip.

And then we get into type of business. So I mentioned that term sole proprietor before. Yes, that’s exactly what you are. You are a sole proprietor things like partnerships or corporations, even LLCs, all of those have to be filed and formed. I, I know how to do that. It’s a, it’s actually a service that I plan to offer in the future. So if you’re interested in that, I’ll leave a link down below to a waitlist think in a couple of months, you’ll start hearing me talk more about that. But for everybody who’s just going to be signing up using your name and your social security number. Let’s pick sole proprietor, and then moving on to the business phone number again, just put your cell phone number. You don’t have to go create like a different Google voice number, or you don’t have to like go get a secondary phone.

It is just your normal personal cell phone number. And for tax ID, you are going to use your social security number here. You, you are backing up this credit card. It’s it’s, you’re, you’re on the line for the money for the line of credit. It’s you applying, it’s just you applying as a business using your social security number for number of employees. Let’s go ahead and just put one for yourself. Employees like actual hired employees, W2. They require a payroll. That means you have a payroll service. You onboarded them for 90% of the people out here watching this video. You’re just gonna, you’re just going to put one here. And then they asked for the annual business revenue and it’s okay to estimate if this is like your first year of business, let’s say you’re, you know, bringing in like a thousand dollars one month, you know, 500, the next, maybe around the holidays, you have a really big month.

So you can kind of estimate this will dictate a little bit on how much you get as a credit limit. So again kind of do some projections or go ahead and use your own records. And then they ask number of years in business. So again, I’m just going to put one here because it’s a new business. They even give you some guidance on if you’re wondering, okay, I’m just starting out. What do I put? And then the last piece of business information is like the type of the type of business you are without getting too in the weeds. There is something called like a business code basically. And banks want to know specifically what type of business you’re doing. Some businesses. They don’t want to have anything to do with when I opened up a business checking account with chase they said I had the wrong code.

They actually called me. I had to go into a branch. We had to change the code. So I wouldn’t worry so much for the sake of this line of credit. I’m want you to pick what you think fits best for me, I’m going to put education, you know, educational services. I’m making YouTube videos, podcasts, blog posts. You could see now they try to ask me like, oh, well, do you teach for like a college or something like that? And you can just pick other, other schools and instruction. And then if they ask, okay, well what’s this for? They want me to narrow it down. I, you know, I don’t really agree with any of these. I might pick like, you know, preparation and tutoring, you know? So pick miscellaneous pick something that fits, just make sure you’re being honest and you you’re as accurate as possible.

Okay, next they’re going to ask for your personal information. Now I can, this is gonna overlap quite a bit, especially if you’re using your home address. Like I recommended there’s going to be a box. You could check. They just need to know who you are. And they want basically all that same information all over again for title. Just go ahead and put owner. Like if you actually formed an LLC, you might have to put something else like member. But if you’re the only employee, if you’re, if it’s just, you just put owner, I am going to check the box that my home address is the same as the business address. And what you’re going to notice is it’s at least in this application, it’s going to like make that secondary, like duplicate information disappear. So right there, it kind of got rid of the business address boxes.

When you check the home address is the same, but they’re going to ask for you for some personal information, like your date of birth. I got in your phone number, even asked for some security questions, like your mother’s maiden name, your email address, that social security number one more time. And then total gross income. Now that’s household income. So if this little side business of yours is only bringing in, like I said before, like 12,000 a year, like a thousand bucks a month, but you have another job or your spouse has another job. Your partner has another job. You can take all that money and add it up and put that there. So for example, I’m just going to use round numbers, like a hundred thousand plus the 12,000 we mentioned before. So I’m going to put 112,000, just so you know, the banks can ask you to like provide tax information.

You don’t have to if they ask for it, but they can request it. So again, just be honest with that number there. Go ahead and check. No, if any portion of your revenue is non-taxable you’ll know if it is. And if you’re not sure you can talk with like your accountant or your tax person. And then remember for my Southwest companion pass people, we are filling out this business credit card application first so that you could get the sign-up bonus and be on your way to get in the companion pass. So it is going to, and I’m going to point this out right here, tell you to add your rapid rewards number. And it even says, if you don’t have one, they’re just going to create one for you, as soon as you submit this application. So please go ahead and find it and put it in.

Or if you don’t have one, you know, it’ll, it’ll create a number for you. I’m going to scroll down a little bit. This is all one page application. There’s some e-sign disclosures. There’s the, the pricing, the terms and conditions. And they just want you to check that box down at the bottom that says you have read them all and that you agree. And then of course, last little thing to do is to hit submit, okay, well, congratulations. You just applied for a business credit card. And usually what happens as you’re going to get like one of two screens it is going to approve you instantly. Congratulations. And it’ll let you know that you can expect your card in the mail and like a few business days. Now I got to say that doesn’t happen to everybody. It’s actually more uncommon than it is common because sometimes they just need to kind of do their own due diligence.

So if you’ve got a screen, a second screen that says like we, we need a little bit more time. Well, then what you could do is simply wait. I want the computer, the algorithm to just go ahead and do its thing. And hopefully within a couple of business days, you’re going to get approved and that card will come in the mail. However, there is that third option of you didn’t get approved. Now, there is a reconsideration line. If you find out you get something in the mail and you, you, you want to call that number and just sorta kinda like do a vibe check, see what they’re they’re they’re asking questions about. Maybe ask them why you didn’t get approved. If you could provide any additional information. However, I wouldn’t call that number until, you know, for certain that you were not approved. A couple of key takeaways, business credit cards are available to the general public.

When you have that side hustle, that gig work. If you’re an independent contractor or sole proprietor by simply applying, using your first and last name as your business name and your social security number, you can kind of open up a whole new world of perks points and miles. Now remember that they do a personal hard credit inquiry, and it is usually like for this type of card, a good idea to know two things. If you have a credit score that is 707 20 and above, that’s more likely to get you approved. And secondly, that you have not opened five or more credit cards across any issuers. If you’re applying specifically for a chase credit card, like the one I went over in this video, for those of you that did come to this video from the companion pass video, you are one step closer to getting that companion pass, but be sure to check out my free ebook link down below in the description for a copy of that.

That’ll walk you through that suggested timeline and what steps are necessary after you’ve gotten approved for the business card. There are tons of resources available like this on my website, we’re talking YouTube videos, podcasts, blog posts. So be sure to check those out. Also, you can follow me on Instagram at rich Smith EDU been posting there multiple times per week, and I would love to have you there. So thanks. Also, if you’re new to the channel, please don’t forget to hit subscribe and ring that notification bell. All right. As always I’m Rich, and until next time.

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