Everything You Need to Know About How to Get Free Hotel Rooms

How to Get Free Hotel Rooms

Watch the video below to get all of the details about a breakdown on how to get free hotel rooms using credit cards points and rewards. Enjoy!

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Video Transcript:

It is possible to get free hotel rooms on an annual basis, simply by doing a little bit of planning and knowing what specific credit cards are going to be in your wallet to get those free nights. So today I’m going to share with you how you can get free hotel rooms using credit card rewards and points. You’re not going to want to miss this.

So you heard right. There is a strategy using credit card points and rewards that I have been using for years. My family often will stay for free in a specific hotel or hotel chain, and this can be upwards of one to sometimes even a full weeks worth of hotel stays.

If you are new to the channel, I often talk about credit card points and rewards and the strategies that you can utilize to number one, just take care of your everyday spending. But number two, remembering to also pay those credit cards often full every single month. And then as a result, you can do things like get free hotel rooms or travel the world and, and see all these places that you have on your bucket list, essentially for free using these points and rewards. Now real quick, before we dive into the inner workings of these hotel rooms for free, be sure to hit that little thumbs up button, it’s going to help spread the word on YouTube. I really appreciate it. So thanks. So many of you might be saying to yourself, of course, co-branded hotel credit cards can help get me, you know, a free night, but I don’t always like putting my spend on those cards.

Well, I’m not talking about just co-branded credit cards. For example, like Marriott, the Hyatt Hilton, they all have credit cards. And when you spend on those cards, you earn those specific hotel brand points. But what I wanted to dive deep into today is transferring points like American express points or chase points to redeem for multiple free nights. You see often these cashback style cards if you play the game right, have transferrable travel partners. And oftentimes it’s a handful of airlines, but also a handful of hotel brands as well. So let’s go ahead and take a look at this. A specific example. My friend, Dave, who wrote a blog post that is on my website. So please go and check it out. After watching this, he and his family were looking to plan a place to go right around Halloween. Maybe that Columbus day weekend, for example, and what came to mind for him was Salem.

Massachusetts. You see that Columbus day weekend with a Monday off is often like a last hurrah for family it’s before like the cold weather sets in. So oftentimes Salem, Massachusetts, the Salem witch trials, that that whole month of October, these hotel rooms are kind of hard to come by. However, Dave is not new to this credit card game. And he found availability at a Hilton hotel. The one that had free breakfast shout out to free records for the kids. And he knew that being right in downtown Salem was going to be a perfect, but he needed something like 150,000 Hilton points. And at the time of planning this trip, he had zero Hilton points. You see, Dave is usually like a a Marriott or IHG kind of guy. And this specific Hilton hotel was going for over $500 per night. So of course, to state the obvious his thoughts want to maybe opening up a co-branded Hilton credit card.

Hilton actually has three different cards and they all have welcome or sometimes called sign up bonuses. So he could open a new card and maybe get enough points. But you got to understand when you find like a really good deal or you find availability in a, in a, like a hot touristy area, you need to sort of jump on the deal. And sometimes it can take like a month or two for those welcome offers or those signup bonuses for all those points to post. So this is where the hero of the story comes into play American express membership, reward points. You see these points that you can accumulate on all of their sort of cashback style cards. They’re transferable to a hotel brand like Hilton. So if you’ve been banking, those points on a car that I like to talk about a lot, the blue business plus card, or the American express, like everyday card, see that you can just be using these and saving them for when.

And if you need to take those points and transfer them to your Hilton account. And usually these transfers only take like a couple of minutes. Sometimes they’re like instant [inaudible] you see? But the real beauty of American express here is that they sometimes offer a transfer bonus. So for example, at the time of this recording, you could transfer 1000 points, American express membership reward points, and that would be equal to 2,800 Hilton points. So I don’t have a cap [inaudible] later in front of me, but that’s something like a 40% transfer a bonus. So now somebody like Dave who needed 150,000 Hilton points only needs 54,000 American express points to transfer to Hilton, to be able to book this stay. So this is a clear win for Dave. And I just wanted to share that story with you because the stories and redemptions like that, they happen all the time.

You know, whether you’re trying to travel to the east coast or the west coast typically if you can get more than 2 cents per point, you’re, you’re doing pretty well. If you are traveling like internationally, that’s where you can even do better. I’m not going to get into that today in this video, but sometimes those hotel chains, they don’t see internationally. A lot of people who have this like elevated status or who are using points. So they’ll treat you better than here in the states. Now let’s keep moving forward here because I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the fact that there’s kind of like three types of hotel cards. So you want to make sure you’re getting one that you can actually end up using. So the first obvious one are going to be the types of cards that give you like an anniversary night for free.

Typically whether it’s chase or American express, you’re going to end up getting a certificate worth a certain amount of points, and it’s good for one free night, but then you can book, you know, additional nights using points or cash. And so that’s very enticing, especially if you are ever traveling like you have an early morning flight and you want to be by the airport, or let’s say, you’re booking a cruise and you want to go the night before, so you don’t miss the ship. So I love those cards. Typically there’s always an annual fee, but the redemption night that you can get almost always outweighs that fee. Just to name a few brands that give you that anniversary night, a Hyatt has a card, a Marriott has a couple of cards, IHG and Hilton. Now there is another category where if you spend a certain amount on the card throughout the calendar year, they’ll give you that bonus night.

Typically I don’t usually aim for those because sometimes they could be as much as like 5,000 or 15,000, but at least wanted you to be aware that you could get those additional nights if you hit those spending thresholds. And then again, there’s the third kind of card that’s going to give you a bonus points like anniversary bonus points. Every single year you pay the annual fee. My wife and I have found like a little sweet spot with a Wyndham card. We, there’s not very many Wyndham’s by us, but there’s this little lake and some wineries that we’d like to go to for our anniversary. So it’s really cool to have a card where we put like our, our gas for the car on that throughout the year, pay the annual fee. And then we know we can have this wonderful anniversary, wine tasting weekend for free simply by using those anniversary points.

And then the points you get for putting, spending on the card. And one more thing to keep in mind is hotel brand loyalty. I’ll give you a for example, if you really like Hilton, sometimes those, those rooms can be just a ton of points. Then again, if you love value the Hyatt seems to just have like some of the best redemption rates and I’m really liking them lately. However, whenever I’m booking a trip, I got to see how close the Hyatt’s ardor to where we want to be. Sometimes like in downtown Austin, Texas, there’s going to be high that’s right around everything. But if you go to a smaller city like Birmingham, Alabama, the Hyatts are going to be a little bit more spread out. And I got to start thinking rental car. Is it even worth it to book that brand? Also keep in mind if you’re traveling with just friends or if you’ve got kids, you know, for example, Hilton Marriott, they have these like suite style rooms that would be great for a family.

You’ve got the bed, the pullout couch, the kitchen. They even sometimes have like a free, like happy hour with food and drinks if you’re going during the week. So that’s something that you could specifically plan on and seek out. Then again, some people just love getting like a free breakfast. You know, they, they, they see that pancake machine at the IHG properties. And I just think that’s the coolest thing. So if that’s what you’re all about, you know, you might want to like be thinking about getting one of those IHG cards, a couple of key takeaways, getting free hotel rooms is very possible, especially on an annual basis. Many people traveled during the same times of year, every single year, whether it goes back to something like that Columbus weekend, where the kids are off from school and people like to get away before the cold weather, or if you always like to take that like week long trip in August or late summer, you know, when you typically are going to have time off or when you can get time off.

So it’s a really good idea to try to utilize these co-branded cards. In addition to the cash back cards that give you the travel partners. Like I mentioned earlier in this video, I gotta be honest with you personally, that I’m almost at my limit for having some of these cards, because with the free anniversary nights, you do have to use them or you lose them. So with the shutdown and everything, I have a few that we have to purposefully seek out to go and use. And specifically I’m going to have to make sure we’re using up our Marriott ones. And we have so many IHG points. We need to book like a, like a stay maybe somewhere that has a really nice property that we could like bring the kids to. Now don’t forget there is going to be an annual fee on most of these cards.

But if you take advantage of those anniversary nights, then it’s going to be well worth it. It’s not something that I really stress about because I know that whether we’re traveling, like I said, like the night before a big trip, or whether we want to go stay with family and friends and don’t want to be sleeping on somebody’s couch, we can take advantage of some of these points and it really is valuable. And it’s just a game changer. Of course, like I mentioned before the, the value and the points and the anniversary bonus nights, it’s not worth it if you’re not paying off the credit cards in full, but I will mention that if you do pay off the credit cards in full, then this is something that I recommend everybody look into. And one more thing I did a video recently on targeted offers specifically from chase, but American express has some too, I’ll leave a link to that video right here when you are targeted for these offers.

Sometimes you just go to this simple site and you type in like the hotel card, and all of a sudden, they’re going to give you a bonus points for spending on categories like, like groceries or gas. So don’t think that the, you know, these cards are just kind of like get the up bonus and pay the annual fee and forget about them. Sometimes you can kind of really earn a ton of extra points just by taking advantage of those targeted offers. Of course, as always, I’ll leave a link down below in the description for, for all these cars and for that blog article, shout out to Dave for inspiration for this video. Thanks a lot, Dave. And don’t forget to check out my website. It’s full of a ton of blog articles and podcasts. So I really appreciate everybody that goes over there and takes a peek around. Also, one more thing. I mentioned it at the start of the video. If you haven’t already please drop a like down below for this video, it just really helps spread the word. People who love talking credit cards and travel rewards and points. They just love new content like this. So I really appreciate it. And again, thanks. All right. If you’re new to the channel, don’t forget to hit subscribe and ring that notification bell. All right. As always I’m Rich and until next time.

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