Everything You Need to Know About the SBA Agent Scam EXPOSED

SBA Agent Scam Exposed

Watch the video below to get all of the details about the SBA Agent Scam Exposed, including screenshots and emails of the fake accounts attempting to impersonate finance YouTubers. Enjoy!

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Video Transcript:

There is a scam that has been brought to my attention that is currently taking place across multiple social media platforms. Specifically, it involves YouTubers who have been helping people for the past year or so with everything from stimulus money to Eid L loans and even PPP one and PPP two. And the really upsetting part is it involves impersonating these people, these influencers who are just trying to help people. And the really sad part is that it is working. They are getting money out of people who think they’re getting help from people online. So today I’m going to expose all of that. I’m going to show you the emails and DMS that I’ve been getting these past few days. I’m going to show you the fake email addresses the fake Instagram accounts. And hopefully what we can do is spread awareness so that this thing stops happening.

You’re not going to want to miss this. So you heard right. There are a number of YouTube, including myself who are being impersonated online, offering help for money. And here’s how it was recently brought to my attention. I received an email here from a viewer saying, hi, rich, I applied for the EIDR loan and I’ve been denied. The message goes on to say that I need some help. I think you charge a fee and I don’t have any problem paying. You’ve helped me tremendously with your videos. And I would just really appreciate your help with this issue. Now let’s get one thing straight. I do not have some sort of secret hotline to the SBA. I can’t guarantee people get government loans. And to be honest with you at the time of this recording, a lot of these programs are either already closed or at a standstill. So after saying something similar in my reply email, I get a follow-up message that reads thank you. By the way, I think someone is using your identity on your channel and promising loan approvals with connections at the SBA. They asked for a hundred dollars upfront. Is that right? You

No, no, that’s not me.

This woman was, she was kind enough to, to hop on the phone with me. And we, we talked through this and unfortunately her husband had already paid this person and she was ready to pay this person too. After we talked for a little while, she said that she would forward me some screenshots and some emails because she had been in contact with this person as recent as yesterday. This is still going on right now. And it all started because of a comment like this. So who you see someone posing as me? And they’re saying that I’m too busy to answer comments, which doesn’t make any sense because they’re answering comments and saying, instead, email me at this fake email address. Now that’s not my email address. Someone is literally creating Gmail and YouTube accounts, simply for the sole purpose of getting people to reply and start to scam them.

Now, as you can see, if you actually just click on the channel, the channel was started in April of 2021, and I’ve been on YouTube over a year. Now, also this channel has no content. And so this should be a red flag that this is a phishing scam, but as they say, hindsight is 2020. And unfortunately this viewer sent money via PayPal to this PayPal address. Now all that information is scary enough and hopefully they can get in touch with PayPal and get a refund. And I thought that’s where this story would add. But the next day I got a DM, basically the same sort of message. Coming through this small business owner out on the west coast is asking me via my Instagram. If I’m also SBA agent Smith, now you can’t make this stuff up. And I have no idea what they’re talking about, but I simply reply.

No that’s a scam. And so this business owner goes on to tell me that I’m not the only one being impersonated. In fact, all over YouTube comments and other areas of social media. People are posing as YouTube tubers, who are helping people during these difficult economic times. And they’re promising money in return for sending them money. So as you can see in this message, it’s not only on Instagram, it’s also on Twitter, but she was able to send me some screenshots as well. So let’s take a look here. Not only am I listed as an SBA agent, which I am not, there’s also other YouTubers, some of these you might recognize. In fact, I’ve been in touch with max and his channel via Instagram. And unfortunately he showed up at the bottom of this list as well. So naturally I, I click on the profile, but unfortunately it is a private and there’s nothing to see, but can you believe that there’s actually a telephone number, but in addition to that, there’s also my picture.

And it says that I’m helping with SBA PPP loan, forgiveness approval. This is very specific to my channel. However, I only have one post. I’m not following anybody. And I have like I said before, a private account. Now the fact that there’s a phone number is very, very interesting. I was tempted to call it, but instead I just went and clicked another one of those profiles. I wanted to see what if like they were the same phone number for all of the Instagram profiles and they weren’t, as you can see on Max’s lone agent max, this fake account they have a phone number attached to his profile as well. Let’s keep moving forward. I want to show you exactly how this scam works. Take a look at this direct message. Someone posing as me as saying that they went through your Eid L application and that it needs to be reboot, whatever that means.

But then if it is reboot, it’ll be funded in as few as three to four days, which is a complete lie. And here’s where they ask for money. They’re saying that it costs $300 to reboot the application essentially guaranteeing approval. So this person goes on to ask a couple of clarifying questions, you know, is this a loan officer? Also, I need to change my bank info, you know, can, can you help me with that? Let me know. And again, lies, yes, this person that I am connected with is a SBA loan officer. And yes, I can help you with your bank information here. They’re basically just telling you what you want to hear so that you’ll send them money. Now I’ve seen other YouTubers make videos similar to this, where they say, you know, they try their best to go through their own comments, you know, report spam, hide users.

And I do the same, but what’s really tricky about this scam specifically is you can see here, they are actually posting as fake YouTube accounts, sending people to my fake Instagram account, this SBA agent Smith. So never do I even see these comments and never did I even realize that there are these fake Instagram accounts out there. Oh, and don’t forget. I mentioned Twitter. If you look at this message here, they’re not just sending people to Instagram. They’re also sending people to Twitter. Now, when I went to that Twitter profile, I knew that this one was fake right away, Isabella Guzman, you know, the administrator of the SBA with her one follower, of course this is a scam, but you can see that there’s probably more to this on Twitter as well. And sure enough, I found a tweet by another YouTube or from his real account saying that he actually called the number and that he left a nasty message.

And the best thing you could do is to hit report block and get on with your day. So what can you do about this? What can I do about it? Well, I reached out to team YouTube via Twitter, and I got somewhat of a generic response. I was a little disappointed because it, when they asked me to click this link, it just takes me to a page that said, basically like, here’s how you can report fake accounts. However, I look at this as more than just a fake account, it’s impersonation in some ways, defamation and this spoofing and phishing, it just has to stop. So here’s where you come in. I would really appreciate it if you would not only share this video, but to the other YouTubers who are being involved, let’s shed some light on this specific topic. I don’t like seeing my face out there and I bet you don’t like it either.

There may not be anything we can do about it, but for this particular scam beyond just simply reporting and blocking, let’s try to stop these people from taking money, pretending to be us from the people that we are trying to help teach and inform. And to all of you out there, please help please. Those comments. I personally try to keep up with all the comments and I have hidden thousands of people reported thousands of fake accounts, but sometimes I miss a few or they comment on a really old video and I don’t even see it. So if you ever see something that seems suspicious, please like report block. But also if you see someone impersonating me, feel free to send me a message or an email. All of my official social media, my official website is right in my YouTube profile. Also, I’ll put a link right here to my website and you can go there and check out everything.

That’s actually me a few key takeaways. There is an SBA agent scam going on right now where people are pretending to be YouTube wearers who have made content related to government stimulus, PPP loans, E I D L loans. And they are promising that they can help get these loans and this government money approved. Simply if you send them your hard earned money, trust me. When I say, when this was brought to my attention, I was furious. I do not like somebody impersonating me and Rooney my good name. So if you can please help by sharing this video and getting the word out, I would really appreciate it. So thanks. If I find out any additional information, I’ll make a followup video to this one. So please, if you haven’t already hit subscribe

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Me know down in the comments. If you have seen any of these scams and also please take a peak down in the comments to see if any of these scams are taking place on this video. All right. As always I’m Rich. And until next time.

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