Everything You Need to Know About What are the Highest Paying Self Employed Jobs

What are the Highest Paying Self Employed Jobs

Here’s a breakdown answering what are the highest paying self employed jobs. Enjoy!

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  1. Rev.comhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/rev
  2. Instacarthttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/instacart
  3. DoorDashhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/doordash
  4. Fiverrhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/fiverr
  5. Canvahttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/canva
  6. Bench Accountinghttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/bench-accounting
  7. QuickBookshttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/quickbooks
  8. Gustohttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/gusto
  9. Bandzooglehttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/bandzoogle
  10. Elementorhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/elementor
  11. Neighborhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/rich-neighbor-referral
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What are the Highest Paying Self Employed Jobs | Video Transcript:

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities for people who are looking for high paying jobs, who also want to be self-employed of course, many companies are offering a work from home option, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about being your own boss being a freelancer, having your own side hustle, making money on your own terms. So today I’m going to share with you some of the highest paying self-employed jobs. Many of these are work from home style jobs, where you can pick your own time, make your own money. And if you have some specialized training, great. And if you don’t, I’ll even point out some resources where you could learn some of this specialized training, you’re not going to want to miss that. Yes.

So you heard right, some of the highest paying self-employed jobs are not the first to come to mind. I mean, if you’re thinking you could just log onto a site like rev.com and make a full-time wage that’s going to be kind of rare along those same lines, like hustling for Instacart or door dash is going to eat up a lot of your time a little bit of your money in terms of like gas and wear and tear on your car. So today I wanted to dive into some of the options for things like freelancing and how you can make lots of money working from home on your own time. But before we do, please drop a little like down below for this video, it really helps with that YouTube algorithm. I really appreciate it. So thanks. Number one on my list is graphic design. Now that umbrella term could cover a lot of different types of options, tasks, and roles that you could help fulfill for other small businesses.

For example, designing logos and being a brand strategist is just the beginning of a good graphic designer. Marketing is a huge part of any business or company and designing things like print items, business cards. I mentioned logos before all play a key role in getting business awareness, brand awareness out there. And so you’re going to be in demand locally, nationally, even internationally. And the internet makes it very easy to get your name out there with websites like Fiverr or Upwork. Now graphic design may be one of the most lucrative self-employed careers out there. However, it does require some specialized training. For example, if you’re using a Mac book, you might need to know software programs like I movie final cut garage band for this YouTube channel, I’ve had to learn how to use Adobe premier pro Photoshop, even a website like Canva, but the better you are at those.

And the more you get your name out there create that portfolio of materials. You could show a prospective client. I’ve heard of graphic designers making upwards of $50,000 or more here in the United States. Number two on our list is freelance writer and editor I’ll throw an editor. Everyone needs copyright. We’re talking for social media posts, blogs scripts for YouTube videos, having good grammar skills, knowing how to use and format different types of outlines and strategies. When you’re writing copy is key in every part of a business that is to say that the need for a freelance writer and editor is never ending. You have to have knowledge of things like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SEO optimization. And basically you gotta be good with words. So if you’re interested in freelance writing, just be prepared to market yourself via a website like LinkedIn, or again, have a portfolio of different types of writing samples that you could provide a perspective client.

I will say that the average salary annually here in the United States for our freelance writer varies greatly simply because they are usually paid drastically different. For example, some are paid by the word. It could be anywhere between 3 cents a word all the way I’ve heard up to 60 cents per word. Then again, other freelancers would bid on a project and then basically just get it done for one set rate. Maybe sometimes that rate is hourly. And of course the more experience you have, the better that professional portfolio will be when you’re presenting it. A client wants someone who is not going to give them something with obvious grammatical errors, or it looks like something that, you know, some, some basic level like teenager would have written and didn’t even bother to spell checker at it. That is to say that your rate can simply keep going up.

Maybe the sky’s the limit, the more experience you get and the more recognition and kind of networking that you do as a freelance writer, number three on the list, believe it or not is going to be accounting. Nobody in my world, besides my accountant, seems to know all the different tax laws, bookkeeping rules, the difference between like QuickBooks, fresh books, Gusto, nobody knows any of this stuff. Now that is to say that you do need to be good with math skills and some basic tax law, but you could offer your services both in person or online in any of those departments of accountant and find yourself in high demand. Doing my research, a freelance accountants with no formal training can make anywhere between 30,000 and $50,000 a year. However, that is to say, there’s a little caveat that you will need to be trained, or you will need to get some sort of certification in order to essentially have a reputable, you know, resume to present to somebody who is interested in hiring you.

And many companies offer that on the job training. So you simply could sign up with one and complete some tutorials or pass some in-service tests, or you could research online how to get your own certifications and then start your own business. And number four on the list is going to be website design and development. I have talked to so many business owners who just have their business on the top of their mind that they just don’t have the time to worry about updating a website or website design. So they often want to outsource that to an expert. And you could be an expert in a variety of types of websites. I’ve talked to people who deal strictly with Wix, WordPress, Ella mentor. Okay. Th the list goes on. They need to have a working knowledge of not only like graphic design, but also the behind the scenes of making sure everything runs properly is updated.

So again, going back to my graphic designer example before, if you have some experience in this field, maybe you’ve dabbled in website design, then you might begin to create a portfolio to offer to different clients and essentially show them that you are competent in that field and you could help execute whatever vision they’re looking for for their business. Now, in my experience, the average annual salary for a website designer here in the United States could vary drastically. I’ve seen as low as $30,000 a year. Full-Time all the way up to over a hundred K per year. I think that’s simply just going to depend on the experience that you have and the number and type of clients that you are booking a few honorable mentions before we wrap this thing up, virtual assistant was on my list. However many people are attempting to outsource this overseas.

If you’re not familiar with that term virtual assistant, they perform like a variety of tasks for businesses that are just routine and it gets it off their plate to, to kind of focus on the bigger picture. Things like answering emails, scheduling social media posts, creating a Pinterest items, or even editing and optimizing a YouTube video. Oftentimes people post about these skills that they have to extend their reach beyond their local neighborhood. And that is to say that virtual assistants can be found all over the world for a variety of tasks. Their annual salary is going to drastically vary, but if you’re interested in that field, simply think of what skills you could optimize and use for someone else’s business. And the final one I want to mention is home improvement. Like the DIY, the handyman type person. So many people out there need help with the small jobs that maybe you or I learned as a trade when we were younger, but they just never developed those skills.

If you are handy and love home projects, then this could be a great option for you. A couple of key takeaways, the best self-employed jobs out there that that the most are often specialized online jobs that help other businesses. We’re talking graphic, design, freelance, writing, accounting, and web. However, those are just some of the ones that I came across in my research. I’d love to know what you think. So leave me a comment down below about your specific field of expertise. And if you don’t mind sharing what’s the average annual salary in your area. Also, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to hit that little thumbs up button. It helps the YouTube algorithm get this video out to more people. I really appreciate it. Also, if you’re new to the channel, don’t forget to hit subscribe and ring that notification bell. All right. As always I’m Rich, and until next time.

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