PPP Loan Fraud List

Watch the video below to get all of the details about breakdown of the PPP Loan Fraud List and who got a PPP Loan. Enjoy!

Links Mentioned In This Video:

  1. PPP Loan Trackerhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/ppp-tracker
  2. PPP Loan Address Searchhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/ppp-search
  3. LLC Searchhttps://teachingmillionaires.com/llc-search
  4. PPP Loan Forgiveness Videohttps://youtu.be/JEOBOe6AXdM
  5. SoFi Free Money Bank Account get $50 when you deposit $500 – https://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/sofi-bank-account
  6. Best Credit Cards for Small Business Ownershttps://teachingmillionaires.com/recommends/small-business-credit-cards
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