work with me

Brand Partnerships

Do you want to showcase a product or service that helps people on their financial journey?

One of the most effective ways we can work together is through a win-win partnership.

I look forward to exploring how any of the following could support your brand:

  • Podcast Advertising
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Sponsored YouTube Videos
  • Social Media Promotion

Coaching & Consulting

Do you need to talk about a specific problem or idea?

Booking a one-on-one private call with me will help you on your journey.

My passion and knowledge about all things personal finance and content creation will help you with any of the following:

  • Money Management & Financial Tips
  • Retirement & Investing
  • Self-Employment & Side Hustles
  • Real Estate & Rental Properties
  • Insurance and Its Importance
  • Blogging, YouTube, & Podcasts

Speaking & Media

Do you need an engaging, knowledgeable speaker?

I have decades of experience presenting to audiences both live and virtually.

Keynote speaking and interactive seminars are available on any of the following:

  • Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • How Teachers Change Lives
  • Einstein’s Eighth Wonder of the World-Compound Interest
  • The Superpower of Working Backwards
  • How to Tell If Your Neighbor Is a Millionaire
  • Financial Independence and Early Retirement

One-on-One Private Call

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This session is a private call for people who need help with a specific problem, tip, or technique. My passion and knowledge about all things personal finance—money management, entrepreneurship, side hustles, real estate—will help you plan for a successful business.